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What is it CAFI 5K challenge?

CAFI 5k challenge is part of our flagship yearly fundraising event 'Walk for India'.


Due to the lockdown resulting from Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we had to make some adjustments to Walk for India. That is how 5k challenge was launched. 


Participants walk/run 5km, share it on social media with the hashtag #cafi5kchallenge, tag at least 5 friends to take up this challenge and donate a minimum of £10. 



Are you interested? The following are further details:


Step 1: Walk/Run for 5km i.e. 6561 steps. You can do this in your living room, garden or outside as long as you are adhering to the social distancing guidelines. Make sure you download an app to track your distance (for recommended apps, see below)

Step 2: Post your walk/run on social media. After you have completed the challenge, post a screenshot of the 5km distance recorded in your distance app tracker on facebook  with the hashtag #cafi5kchallenge21


Step 3: Tag minimum of 5 friends. Invite at least 5 friends (you can invite more) to do this same challenge and tag them in your above post. Make sure to also include the donation link in the post (https://bit.ly/cafi5kchallenge21)

Step 4: Donate a minimum of £15. The link to donate is https://bit.ly/cafi5kchallenge21 or click on the donate button below.

This year (2021) we will be raising funds to purchase a much needed ambulance for 32 villages around Meghalaya-Assam border in India. For more information, please click on the button below:




If you have any queries, please send us an email to



Let us together change lives and transform communities with the love of Christ!

Please Note: If you are unable or don't want to participate in 5k challenge but want to donate, that is possible too. Please click on the button below. Thanks.


If you want people to sponsor your walk/run, please download the sponsorship form by clicking here

Recommended walking apps (for both ios and android):

MapMyWalk GPS

* If your app is in miles, you can change it to km in the settings.

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