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Thousands of students in India do not have the privilege of affording a higher education as it is expensive.


So many bright minds are wasted simply because their families do not have the financial means to send their kids to college or university.


Often they have to sell off whatever little possessions they have or take loans with dangerously high interest rates.

This deprives students to study and have an opportunity to a better career and bright future for themselves and their families

Project Karuna aims to give students hope of an education by helping them fund their fees. We provide them with an education grant of £1000 per year for each year of the degree course of their choice. 

We need your help to take in and support students each academic year.


A monthly donation of any amount will go a long way to help a student fulfil his or her dream for a higher education.


Click below to sponsor a student

Project Karuna

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