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The poor in India are suffering from the coronavirus pandemic.


Many have lost their jobs. Many are unable to afford food and other essentials.  Many are homeless. Many are separated from their families. Many are forced to walk hundreds of miles in the scorching heat just to get back home (due to multiple lockdowns). Some have even taken their own lives. They are terrified and distraught.


The second wave was even worse than the first. Hospitals were overwhelmed. Patients couldn't get access to oxygen supplies. Hundreds of thousands died. Even more were infected with life changing effects. And it is still going on.


So far we have distributed thousands of food kits and other essentials including oxygen concentrator. But it is nowhere near to what is needed.


So, we need your help. One basic food kit costs just £20 (approx. Rs. 2000). Please support by donating an amount of your choice. It makes a huge difference.

The link to donate is or click on the donate button below:

If you would like to know more, please send us an email to


Let us together change lives and transform communities with the love of Christ!

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