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We build churches for poor Christian communities in the villages of North India.


We do this for two main reasons. Firstly, without a church building Christians in the poor villages of North India are forced to gather in cow sheds, under the shade of trees, poorly made huts with extremely limited seating capacity etc. Secondly, in India churches have legal protection. Without a church building Christians are vulnerable to attacks from anti-Christian extremists. 


We partner with local churches and mission organisations in India and coordinate the construction process with them. They sign an agreement with us and the construction is usually completed in three stages.

Please donate and help us to build churches for the poor and persecuted communities of North India

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Christian Action for India (CAFI) is a UK registered Christian charity and mission organisation. Our Primary Objective is to financially and spiritually support and serve the poor and persecuted individuals and communities in the nation of India. Our inspiration is Jesus Christ and our aim is to provide a tangible demonstration of his love through charity and compassion.

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